Gavin Monroe44

All about the most played PC games

Without being wrong I can say that the market of PC games is a pretty rich one taking into account the fact that every single year appear continuations of some famous games launched in the past or new games that bring a fresh perspective in the gaming industry. Also, in the online betting industry there are many great casino news.

In the last past years, games have mostly been developed for PlayStation or Xbox, but let's face the reality that PC games are still appreciated and still have an important place in the gaming market. Plus, online casinos have also an impressive online casino gaming offer, more and more games appear every day. Best games can be found obviously in top online casinos.

It is not easy for me as I am sure that it is not easy for every avid gamer to build up a list with the most important, played games. On the list that I have in mind right now you may find games that most of you really enjoy, but at the same time you may find games that are not quite on everyone's taste.

So, let's start:

Watch Dog - This is a game that has been launched in the spring of 2014 and was definitely a game that has been expected by many gamers especially because it has suffered many delays. I need to confess the fact that this one is one of my favorites and I played it several times until now. Why is this game so interesting? The producers of the game have come with the interesting concept that the player can control everything, even the traffic lights and the cars on the street. Many gamers have said that this is a tedious game if you play it for several hours, but it isn't. Trust me!

Titanfall - This particular game has appeared in March 2014 and it is a shooter multiplayer game. For those who just simply love games with characters that have super powers, this game was all they could have wished for because the players are titans - robots that are pretty alike with humans, but bigger and with special skills like running on walls.

Project Cars - This game has been launched in the fall of 2014 and it has been designed by the producers of the two games Need for Speed - Shift series. This is a very realistic game with amazing graphics and because it has been designed by the producers of the Need for Speed game this gives it an advance. I need to admit that I was pretty dazzled just before I have watched the trailer and after the game has appeared I was pretty satisfied.

Thief - A game that has been launched in February 2014, a game that has promised something new and it did. This is based on the classic game Thief: The Dark Project. Which are the differences between them you may ask? Well, this new one give you the possibility to pass missions with independent actions at your choice. Many players have stated that this is a cheap copy of the old one, but I really need to disagree with them since from my personal point of view this is a really good game, with improvements and a better graphic.

SimCity - A game for the classic players, a game that has been launched in February 2013. The new Sim, SimCity has been improved at the graphics that offer to the player a more realistic dynamic and also now the game can be personalized in many ways. I am not a really big fan of this game, but I have putted on my list because I think the improved a quite appealing and for those who have love this game was really a big surprise.

This is my list for now. I have many games on my mind that need to be mentioned, but for now this is enough. I am really looking forward to see your points of view and I also like to see your lists.