Total War: Rome II
Total War: Rome II – a little bit disappointing

Total War: Rome a game that has a name, a story that has been before our existence, a story that has been even in the casinos from Las Vegas. Total War: Rome is indeed a story with resonance and it was one of the most appreciated strategic games so far and now is time for Total War: Rome II.

For those who have already know the first game, the second one has many pretty similar things: the strategic economical map, diplomacy and some assassinates, along with the real time fights, on sea or on the ground. Rome hasn't been made in just one day, so the road from a lost province to a powerful state is quite long and slow. But that is making the game much interesting. You have the right amount of time to enjoy it.

The antique world has changed a lot, the strategic map has been modified in order to be extended to the edge of India, with all the antique monuments that are designed 3D. Every province is divided in regions, and the total control is vital not only to eliminate the rivals, but also to gain more bonuses.

Eight big factions are waiting for the player's choice, starting from the glorious Rome to the hidden Icens from Britain. I suggest to start with Rome represented by the three houses (Julia, Junia and Cornelia). One thing that I am not really a big fan about is the fact that now you can't choose anymore between the short campaign and the long one. The choices available now are the three types of victories: economic, cultural and military. Most fans of this game are warriors, so the military victory is a success even though you have to gain 140 regions and taking into account the rhythm of the game, it will take some time.

The cultural victory from my point of view is a quite boring since it is required to control a couple of regions, and the main objectives are to have certain buildings. The economic victory may be the most difficult one since there are a couple of regions that are skeptical and to trade with them is not that easy.

The graphic is the most disappointing part of the game. It has no originality, it is not clear and the design is worse than we all expected. I don't really know what happened, but a game that should have been perfect it's now ruined. The story is amazing, but that's it. Unfortunately, this is not a game that I would recommend. I wasted too much time with it and I don't really want for you to do the same. But this is all up to you.